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Simon Armistead has a lot on his plate. He’s been newly promoted, and he’s got senior wizards and senior spies breathing down his neck, expecting him to prove himself. But most worrying of all are his feelings about another neck entirely – that of his partner at the Home Office, Miss Anastasia Galipp. Who seems to be ignoring him.

Anastasia is almost too busy with her work integrating female agents into the Home Office’s ranks to notice the way her heart stutters when her partner is around. Almost. But when they’re put together on a new case, she’ll have to face the truth.

Before Simon and Anastasia can reconcile their feelings about one another – not to mention that one unforgettable kiss – they’re sent on a mission that threatens not only their loved ones but society itself. Can they solve the mystery plaguing Mayfair? And will they solve the mystery of each other in the bargain?

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