Chef Max Vergaras’s culinary star is on the rise, but when his orphaned niece comes to live with him, expanding his restaurant empire is put on the back burner. He’s ill equipped to handle raising a nine year old, especially under the watchful eye of Elizabeth Teague, the social services caseworker assigned to them. His life has never been more complicated, which includes his feelings for the blonde beauty: she’s everything he wants—and everything he can’t have. And since Lizzie holds his family’s future in the palm of her hand, all of his thoughts about how she fits seamlessly into his life need to go on the back burner, too. Just as soon as he figures out how to get her out of his dreams.

Lizzie Teague has an important job to do, and she can’t get distracted by one case—even if Mia’s uncle Max has a way with food that has her thinking about things that definitely aren’t on the menu. But with her career and reputation on the line, she has to remember why she took this job in the first place … and it certainly wasn’t to fall in love with her clients. No matter how loveable the sexy, charismatic chef and his sweet, young niece might be. So she’ll keep her mind on the job and out of the gutter—just as soon as she can get her heart on board with that plan.

Max and Lizzie could lose everything if they give in to temptation. But what if it’s possible for them to gain even more? What would they risk when love—and family—is on the line?

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