That’s right, after years and years of going to my local SFF convention as a fan, I’m actually there this year as an author! Dreams DO come true! Childcare DOES get more complicated!

Here’s the panels I’m scheduled to attend at Balticon, which is held over Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland (I may be biased).


  • 5 PM: Baltimore in Science Fiction
  • 6 PM: Writing Major Minor Characters


  • 10 AM: The State of SFF Publishing
  • 11 AM: Superheroine to Wise Woman: Creating Powerful Female Characters
  • 2 PM: Reading Outside Your Genre for SFF Writers


  • 4 PM: Judging an Editor’s Work
  • 5 PM: Blurred Lines: Writing and Marketing Mixed-Genre Books

I’m really excited to be attending as a Real Live Author this year, and I’m pumped about my lineup of panels, because they all sound awesome. (I’m SUPER excited in a deeply nerdy way about the Baltimore in Science Fiction one, and I’m proud that two of the others are panels I proposed! One other of my proposals was also accepted, but I wound up not being able to be on it because of a scheduling conflict.) And as a fan, I’m pretty excited at the chance to meet some of my author heroes.

If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, I can heartily recommend Balticon as a great convention to attend. I’ve always had an amazing time there, and I’m excited to be building my career there now. Come see me!

Plus, bonus, they have great children’s programming! A certain pair of three year olds will DEFINITELY be down for that.