Reviews are starting to come in for THE STAR OF ANATOLIA, and I’m loving that readers are loving it. (Special thanks to my hard working review team! They are awesome.)


I hope you’ll pick up SoA, as well as THIEVES’ HONOR, over the holiday season. I might be biased, but I think they’re both pretty great for some light, fun reading, which is all I personally ever want during this time of year. (Save your angsty literature for, like, March, is all I’m saying. Madame Bovary can wait until at least May.)

When I’m not basking in the glow of all that reader adulation, I’m still working away on CAPTAIN’S LADY, book three in the Wizards of London series. Jack Boone is still my favorite. In the meantime, I had the privilege of attending ChessieCon this weekend, and got to be on a couple of really fantastic panels. One of them, ‘The Evolution of Women in Fantasy,’ was an absolutely amazing discussion (special thanks to my co-panelists, J.L. Gribble and C.S. Friedman, and our moderator, Kim Headlee). During that talk, I recommended some books to our audience, and I wanted to recommend them here, too, because they’re fab and you should read them. Without further adieu:

Read them. Love them. Come back here and tell me what you thought of them. (Also post reviews, authors love reviews.)

Tell me about some amazing lady-centric books you’re reading! Fantasy – in all of its incarnations (urban fantasy, paranormal romance, epic fantasy, YA, etc. etc. etc.) is an amazing place to be reading these days.

(PS: More inspiration wanted? Check out Rejected Princesses. Or head to Twitter, and follow author Mackenzi Lee’s hashtag #BygoneBadassBroads!)