I’m literally waiting for the babysitter to get here so that I can go see the new Star Wars movie, so it seems apropos to announce that my debut novella, Thieves’ Honor, is being released on Star Wars Day in 2016. That’s May 4th, for those of you who aren’t Jedi-inclined.

Of course, my book has literally nothing to do with Star Wars – but I feel like the fates are aligning anyway. Because Star Wars is great. And I think my book is pretty great. And I hope you will too. Mark your calendars!

With the release getting ever closer, you’ll see that this here website is in the process of getting a little bit of a re-design to make it look like a Real Live Author lives here, not just somebody who puts pictures of her children and food on the internet. (Don’t worry, I have no intention of changing my habits – I’m just adding a front page and a place for readers to find my books. There will still be a lot of ridiculous pictures of toddlers and cookies and things. I yam what I yam, y’all.)

You can also head over to my new author page on Facebook and hit the ‘like’ button – I hope you will. As always, I’m very present on Twitter and Instagram, too. More on ‘Thieves’ Honor’ will be posted pretty much everywhere as soon as I hear anything further from the publisher, I assure you.

Need a refresher on the book? Check out the back cover copy, posted on the Soul Mate Publishing author blog! I’m so excited for you all to meet Thomas and Em; they’ve lived in my head for years, in several incarnations.

And with that said, I left Thomas’ best friend with an awful hangover and imminent guests, so until the babysitter gets here I’d better get back to his book!