Every moment of every day right now is 90 percent me resisting the urge to flail my arms wildly and shriek CHAOS! into the heavens, and maybe two percent actually getting anything done. (Obviously the other eight percent is thinking about food.)

Why, you ask? Well, we’re moving. Really, really moving. Since my last post, we have made an offer on a house, engaged in arm-waving negotiations, and come to an agreement with legal signatures and all. Our final settlement is next week; moving day is the following weekend.

Between now and then, somehow we have to get our current house ready (remember all those little projects I mentioned? There are some big ones, too), because, oh, yes, we have a renter moving in just a few days after we move out. This is good! And I will spend lots of time thinking about how good it is just as soon as I have a chance to catch my breath.

In the meantime, my laptop sits mostly fallow (although you can definitely find me complaining about discussing the shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram). I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m just not going to get any writing done until after we move (have I mentioned that there is literally nothing packed yet? [Except wine. We packed the wine. Priorities.]).

Which makes it a little scary to point out that my publisher has officially introduced me on their author blog! You can find my bio here, and the back cover copy for ‘Thieves’ Honor’ is right here. It’s super exciting. Fortunately, I have everything turned in that I need to, and the cover art team is (I hear) diligently working away. But I really can’t wait to get back to writing – the sequel to ‘Thieves’ is waiting for me! Not to mention that contemporary series…

But I also can’t wait to share pictures of our new home – you just know there are a million projects waiting! Stay tuned.