I’ve had a lot of crises in my personal life lately that have made it very hard to meet even my tiny little “so achievable” word count goal. To some extent, I’m letting myself slide and not feeling guilty – the circumstances are extraordinary – but on the other hand, writers write, right? If I were a multi-published author with a deadline for my next novel looming and my livelihood (and my children’s!) depended on it, I’d write that sucker no matter the distraction, wouldn’t I? If my fingers were broken I’d invest in narration software.

So that’s the mindset I want to develop. Write no matter what, even when it’s hard. To that end, I’m going to participate in some social media accountability events and public challenges; it’s always easier to do something with friendly bystanders egging you on and friends doing the same thing you’re doing and sharing their struggles.

I’m going to dip my toes into public accountability with my first event this week: the #MRWChallenge, sponsored by my own writers’ chapter, the Maryland Romance Writers. (Full disclosure: I’m on the communications team and definitely had a part in planning this event, LOL. But if you can’t serve yourself…) And yes – this is open to everyone, and if you’re a writer, I highly encourage you to hop on Twitter and participate on Wednesday at 7PM EST. Check the @MarylandRomance feed and use the hashtag #MRWChallenge to report your goals and progress, and check in with other writers trying to get that writing boost from a social challenge.

This week’s MRW Challenge is simple – it’s just participation, so you’ll set your own goal and work away. For me, it’ll be a ‘sprint’ – an hour of solid writing. For others, it may be editing, revising, plotting, scheduling, reviewing… anything. Later challenges will be more specific, and may include writing prompts, pitch writing, synopses, and more. We’ll all support each other and hold up the magnifying glass to make sure we’re getting the work done. I need it. Challenge accepted!