Even before we had children, I grocery shopped a lot. I like to cook, and we have people over a lot – brunches, football, game nights, you name it. Now that we have two little bottomless pits eating everything we can put in front of them, I’m on a first-name basis with the cashier.

Okay, I won’t lie, I was on a first-name basis with the cashier before. I like to talk to people. It drives my husband insane.

When you do a lot of grocery shopping, you learn the virtue of an organized list. (Also when you make a lot of lists. Shout out to my fellow Virgos.) Separating your grocery list by department is something I’ve shouted from the rooftops for years. It makes it SO much easier to make sure that you’re getting everything you need in one efficient run through the store.

For a long time, I would make a plain list, jotting items down as I thought of them, and then sort and re-write it right before I went to the grocery store. Don’t do this. It’s nuts. Eventually, I would scrawl lines on my list notepad to separate a sheet out into departmental sections, and thus have a sorted list as I wrote it to begin with. I got tired of doing that every week, though.

So I researched and designed a solution (that expensive year in graduate school must have been good for something, right?).

grocery list

My new grocery list template is now a pre-printed notepad, separated out into departments just the way I used to scrawl it out. It comes in a pad of 100 sheets, 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. I’ll just tear off a sheet and clip it right into my planner every week, to note items as we run out of them and then add anything we’re missing while I do my weekend meal planning session. Then it’s ready to pull and take to the grocery on Sunday, and a fresh new sheet goes into the planner on Monday morning.

Here’s the good news: I’m making it available for purchase! Each 100-sheet notepad is $11, shipping included.

Here’s the bad news: I need a minimum order to actually go to print. At least 10 people need to want to be as nerdy about organization and grocery shopping as I am. If you’d like to order one of this initial run, you can contact me by commenting here, on Twitter, or on Instagram. Payment is simply through PayPal; I’ll send invoices to everyone who is ordering once enough people have signed up. Once payment is completed, the notepads will be ordered and get to me within about two weeks; I’ll ship them out to buyers immediately thereafter.

If this run goes well, I’ll order more and set up a regular ordering mechanism (probably through the Pink Robot storefront); I may also consider putting together other notepads for the sorts of things I regularly wind up scrawling down (donations! errand lists!).